Wednesday, 29 April 2020

The last lecture of John E. Hopcroft

Today is the last lecture of CS4850*. Lecturing to an empty classroom is nowhere near as satisfying as lecturing to 70 students in person. I know that listening to the lectures must also be nowhere near as valuable or interesting as going to a lecture, but it was the best we could do.

I was looking forward to this class as it was the last class I would teach in my career. I had hoped to get to know you all better but unfortunately, these circumstances interfered. I hope you have a successful time as you find what you really enjoy doing.

As soon as we grade the last homework we will post the grades.



* Mathematical foundations for the information age

Location: Online
Lecture: MWF 1:25pm - 2:15pm
Instructor: John Hopcroft
Office Hours: By appointment
Lecture 11,  29 Apr.     Topic: Electrical Networks

John E. Hopcroft and his students at the 70th birthday conference, Oct. 2009:

Back row left to right: Alfred V. Aho, Richard J. Cole, Chandrajit Bajaj, John E. Hopcroft, Ravindran Kannan, Zvi Galil, Steven Fortune, Robert E. Tarjan, Gordon Wilfong. Allan Borodin.

Front row left to right: Laura Wang, Yookyung Jo, Daniela Rus, Kristen Summers, Sucheta Soundarajan, John Johnstone, Baining Guo, Gilles Brassard.

John E. Hopcroft [Edward]:
Idem, J. D. Ullman: `Introduction to Automata theory, Languages, and Computation', Addison-Wesley publishing company, Inc., 1979 (revision of `Formal languages and their relation to Automata', 1969).
A. V. Aho, Idem, J. D. Ullman: `The design and analysis of Computer Algorithms', Addison-Wesley publishing company, Inc., 1974.
A. V. Aho, Idem, J. D. Ullman: `Data structures and Algorithms', Addison-Wesley publishing company, Inc., 1983.
Idem, R. Kannan: `Foundations of Data science', Cambridge univ. press, Mar. 2020.
Photographs: N. Foster; Cornell Univ., Ithaca.

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